Sheriffs Deputies Attacked By Pit Bulls Mr. Daniel White Interview with Randy Lee Ruegg

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Date:  2/17/2013

Title:  Sheriffs Deputies Attacked By Pit Bulls Mr. Daniel White Interview with Randy Lee Ruegg

Sheriff's Deputies Attacked By Pit Bulls Mr. Daniel White Interview with Randy Lee Ruegg Two Walworth County Sheriff's Deputies Attacked By Pit Bulls On 01/11/2013 Mr. Daniel White, contacted Randy Lee Ruegg, with the Wisconsin Process Summons Enforcement to server Walworth County with a law suit.. Mr. White, Claims on 09/22/2012 in the TOWN OF SUGAR CREEK, two Walworth county sheriff deputies broke into and entered onto white property to INVESTIGATION a threat call. The two sheriff deputies Weber and Czerwinski tried to talk to Mr. White, because White would not talk to deputies or let the deputies on his property they got upset breaking his fence to get into his property that clearly states, NO TRESPASSING! Once on his property they told him by the force of gun put your dogs in side the house as Mr. White went to put his dogs in side the house, sheriff deputies stuck him from behind tackling him otherwise physically attacked Mr. White and caused him severe injuries including back and shoulder injury, severe eye injury resulting in the loss of peripheral vision, anxiety, and lip injury, all caught on camera (I seen the camera but Mr. White would not release the pictures to use) Daniel White caught this sheriff vehicle and several different ones up and in his private dead end driveway!! Mr. White claims he thinks they are trying to intimidate him, his wife, and kids! On 01/28/2013 Mr. White contacted Mr. Randy Lee, With the Wisconsin Process telling him: On 01/26/2013 Sheriff Dept. is calling Mr. White's house trying to talk to him.. Mr. White Attorney is Saying to Mr. White, that gun shots where fired though Deputy Czerwinski window and White is the number one suspect. He don't know why they are blaming him for that incident. On 01/30/2013 Calls where made to the sheriff Dept. by Randy Lee, to find out the story if what Mr. White is claiming to Mr. Ruegg are true? That gun shots where fired though Deputy Czerwinski window actually exist and why they would blame Mr. White ? On 02/01/2013 on and round 1:52pm The Walworth County Sheriff Dept. Called Mr. Ruegg, asking him if he is Mr. Lee or Mr. Ruegg he said I am Mr. Randy Lee Ruegg, She said ok I wouldn't want you to miss represent your self. Ruegg felt like with sounds of her tone she was trying to attack him or trying to charge him with asking a question on what some one is saying to him which sounds serious to him!! When Mr. Ruegg asked the questions She said to him, it is in open investigation and she cant answer my questions! Ruegg, said well if there is an open investigation on this then someone actually did shot thou Deputy Czerwinski window! Right? At this time the Deputy sheriff hung up the phone on Mr. Ruegg! The Sheriff Dept. Who is investigation this did not bother to ask Mr. Ruegg noting. They did not have any interest in asking Mr. Ruegg any questions on why?, Mr. White is tell Mr. Ruegg these thing! Mr. Ruegg is still concern on what Mr. White is saying to him. Mr. Ruegg stated I will have to remain concern and probably not inform the sheriff dept of any thing again if that is how they are going to act! Mr. White message to the sheriff deputies: Just leave us alone. Go away n stop trying to intimidate me. he probably shot at his own window. especially the officer in question had his gun fly out of his holster when he attacked me sept.22nd.. that man has anger issues and shouldn't even be a police officer. so don't go away mad just go away Story by: Randy Lee (Ruegg) from WALWORTH CO. — Two Walworth County Sheriff's Deputies were bitten by pit bulls during an arrest they were making on Saturday, September 22nd. Deputies John Czerwinski and Matt Weber were called to a home on Oak Lane in the Town of Sugar Creek. The woman who called for help indicated 40-year-old Daniel White was on her property without her consent. White had also allegedly made threatening statements to two young juveniles on the property. Deputies found White at his home on Memorial Dr. a short time later. He allegedly refused to provide identification, secure his dogs, and speak to the deputies outside of his fenced-in area. Deputies then told White he was under arrest. When the deputies opened the gate to the driveway, White and his dogs stepped out. White allegedly struck Deputy Czerwinski in the face with a closed fist.  White's pit bulls then attacked the deputies while they were attempting to take White into custody. The pit bulls bit both deputies. Deputy Weber was able to deploy his taser which released the dog that was biting Deputy Czerwinski. White was taken to jail. He could face charges of trespassing, battery to an officer, resisting arrest, failure to comply with an officer, and disorderly conduct. White remains free after posting a signature bond on Tuesday, September 25th. Monitor FOX6 news and for updates on this developing story.

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